Congratulations pROSE!

Congratulations to Philippine R.OS.E Online site for winning the games category of the DigitalFilipino Web Awards 2007. Syempre congrats din kay *ahem* Mr. Paul Micheal Togle, design-developer of the pROSE website, for another job well done :D

Last night, I finished God Of War II. Bitin yung ending! Kainis >_< Kratos went back in time for the second time where The Gods were killing all the Titans, brought Gaea and the other Titans in the present and climbed Mt. Olympus. Yun lang! BITIN! There should be God of War III!

I'm quite pissed my Friendster profile. At first, they had testimonials. Then they added comments. Now they merged the two! It's so messed up! So... here's my multiply account XD


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